Our Staff 3W-Hosting IT technicians are well-trained and absolutely committed to our clients satisfaction
Our Mission
The superior quality of work was defined as our priority right from the start. We are focused on delivering shared, dedicated and collocation hosting solutions for any sites from personal homepages to mission critical business sites, as well as website design, optimization and promotion. Hosting your site with us, you will get perfect accessibility to your site from around the globe. Instead of occasional "specials", we offer every day competitive pricing. Our costs bring you reliable equipment, redundant bandwidth, and a highly trained staff.
Our Data Center
3w-hosting uses secure and reliable data centers located in New Jersey and Huston, Texas that offer Tier-1 Internet providers, running the border gateway protocol 4 (BGP4) to ensure optimum equipment performance.
Our Internet providers use high reliability fiber optic lines. If any technical issues arise, it allows us to switch from one channel and information stream to another, which goes absolutely unnoticed by the end-user.
Our infrastructure combines intelligent Supermicro Computer, Inc and Cisco Systems, Inc. routing equipment that ensures the optimum speed, redundant UPS and generator capacity. We are also proud to have International Computer Concepts, Inc. and Silicon Mechanics as our hardware suppliers...
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